Message from Region Advisor

Uma RadhakrishnanRegion Advisor

DTM Uma Radhakrishnan
Region Advisor – Region 11

Dear District Governor Natheer and members of District 79,

Congratulations on your Annual Conference and thank you for this opportunity to address the District and its members.  Kudos on choosing a theme “Competing with oneself” which I believe is the right message for today’s world. Competition lies within you and the world would be so much better understanding it.

It’s great to see that the District is striving hard to repeat the euphoric success achieved last year.   “The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them.” Being ‘Presidents Distinguished’ is more than possible for you.  I wish you Godspeed to grow beyond limits and expectations you have made for yourself and make your year a fulfilling one.

So how has your Toastmasters journey been so far?  I’m sure that the renewed focus on ‘Club quality’ and the ultimate ‘member experience’ has been a value enhancing opportunity for you to refine your goals in your toastmasters’journey. The beauty of this journey is that the ‘making’ of this journey is entirely up to us.   The more we participate the more we gain.  The more a club decides to exemplify their responsibilities towards its club members the more the members gain.  Which is why it is important to make that experience, the best it can be.  Club quality is directly related to the member experience.   Together, these are the most important factors in determining whether members stay or leave and whether guests join or don’t.  When quality is enhanced, value is enhanced and this way the ‘perceived value’ of the Toastmasters experience is enhanced. Once that is achieved the member will always be an exponent of Toastmasters and its benefits.  The ‘1+1’ membership building campaign will be yours for the taking.

So my simple appeal to the leaders and members of District 79 is to  exemplify the Moments of Truth  and provide value to our members, make the most of your membership by actively participating in your club activities, and making it the best experience for yourself, your fellow toastmasters and our community.

Wishing you more and more accolades in future!  Have a wonderful Conference.